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Social media marketing is broken.

Social ad spend is up and engagement is down. Correlation? You bet. Marketers have mistakenly equated social media advertising with social media marketing, despite research that proves earned social engagement drives far better business results than paid social exposure.

Facebook continues to maintain impressive user growth and rack up advertising revenue, but at what cost? The social media giant faces near-term systemic problems and shifting demographics that will completely alter the face of social media marketing over the next few years. Are you ready?

Jim Tobin’s Earn It. Don’t Buy It. provides unique insight into the changing social media marketing landscape and offers actionable strategies that will help modern CMOs and brand managers design social media marketing programs that earn engagement and drive business results.

You can’t buy respect, trust, friends, or community — you’ve got to earn it. The same goes for social media marketing success.

Earn it, don’t buy it.

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